Coffee Spills in Carpet


Possible Problems Removing Coffee Spills in Carpet

  1. Dye is sometimes added to decaff to bring back the color taken out during the caffeine removal process. This food dye may require additional treatment, after stain removal. An acid dye removal product sometimes takes care of this.
  2. Very hot coffee spills could penetrate the fiber more than cooler.
  3. Cream can add another type of stain that may not respond to “Tannin” stain removal products

Two Approaches   

Removing from the Top
Check that the backing is completely dry, using a Wet Check Moisture meter, before starting. If the backing is damp, because the spot is still wet or the homeowner used a spotter, the liquid in the back will rise to the top of the fibers. (wicking)  You may be returning to remove a “reappearing” stain, the next day.

Use a product such as Bridgepoint TCU stain treatment. Apply the product to a towel and gently wipe the stain.

NOTE: The idea is to wipe the stain off the tips of the fiber without adding moisture to the lower part of the fibers that could cause “wicking” of the liquid in the backing. If you could see the backing, you’d see a stain three times as big as on the top.


If the process is working, keep wiping, gently, blowing air across the spot, while you work. Get it dry ASAP. When you have removed all the stain, wait until the fan has dried the fiber. Some of the stain may have wicked up, during drying. Wipe it off. Keep doing the wiping and drying until nothing returns. Check for final drying with your “Wet Check”.


Deep Removal

You’ll need either a “Water Claw” or “Spot Lifter”. These pull moisture, not only from the top of the fiber but from the backing, as well as from the pad underneath. A Spot Lifter is beter, here, than a larger Water Claw, because it’s smaller and more concentrated, giving it more power.

  1. Pour water into the stain.
  2. Allow some “dwell” time and extract with the Spot Lifter. Some of the stain will “pull” up with water.
  3. Pour the TCU into the area.
  4. Tamp, with a tamping brush. This does a very good job of mixing the product with the fibers.
  5. Allow “dwell” time.
  6. Extract, with the Spot Lifter.
  7. Pour water and extract.

Pet Zone or OSR, will also do a good job, using this same procedure. 

Repeat, if necessary. Results will vary depending on the age of the stain and other factors.

With decaff coffee spills in carpet, a brownish color may remain. This could be acid food dye. Red Dye Remover will sometimes remove this. Use as you would to remove Kool-Aid.

If cream was used a Protein Stain Remover, may work for this.


I’ve also seen EncapuClean do a good job probably won't wick back!


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