Million Dollar Business  


So, you’re a cleaner and restorer. How do you feel about that? If I asked you to compare your business to “the most successful operation in town,” what would you say?


It might surprise you that most millionaires, in this country, are 1st generation and made their money building a small company, like, say, a carpet cleaning company. Few are in the category of Bill Gates. Most millionaires are not multi-millionaires. They live in middle class neighborhoods and have enough money to retire, comfortably.


Now……let me tell you a short story.

Years ago, I owned a little cashews and pistachio nut supply company.

At this time I met Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

They owned the company where I bought pistachio nuts.

The 1st time I met them, I could tell they absolutely loved what they did. Mr. Johnson, enthusiastically, gave me a tour of his “operation.” Out back were huge stainless steel roasting machines, salting machines and packagers. 500 lb bags of raw product were stacked, along with stacks of 50 lb boxes of, ready to sell, Pistachios.  I saw perfectly groomed employees and the place was immaculate.

He reached into a vat and pulled out a handful of pistachios. He was clearly impressed with their taste. Handing some to me he said, “Now, tell me if those aren’t the most delicious Pistachios you’ve ever tasted.”

Mr. Johnson couldn’t have been more proud and enthusiastic than if he built moon landers. His optimism radiated through the walls. Every time I went there to get supplies, I came away feeling more positive. They would talk to me about my company and get excited. Their positive attitude was infectious!

They only ever talked in positive terms. Failure was never a possibility.


They had started out roasting nuts at home, then going out and selling them.

Now they had a million dollar operation……….selling Pistachio nuts, with one of the most efficient businesses you’ll ever see!


More than once, Mr. Johnson told me, “I never expected to end up close to this, I have a wonderful company”

I’m convinced Mr. and Mrs. Johnson would end up with a million dollar operation if they sold pencils. They believed the world couldn’t live without their product.

It’s not what you sell or what you do that counts…’s how you do it.

If you’re do cleaning and restoration, do it with style. If you’re like I was, you love to make things look good….you love the oooos and aaaaws.
But, as many never learn, there’s more to it than that.

You are running a business, which is supposed to support your lifestyle. It can be a million dollar operation.

Just as the Johnson’s were proud of their product, they were just as proud of their company.

You must be proud of your product. But you also must run a professional company and be proud of that……...that’s where the money is.


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              Dennis Klager

              IICRC Instructor





Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager